revenue tax

revenue tax
revenue tax revenue tax tax1

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  • Petroleum revenue tax — (PRT) is a direct tax collected in the United Kingdom. It was introduced under the Oil Taxation Act 1975, soon after Harold Wilson s Labour government returned to power and in the immediate aftermath of the 1973 energy crisis, and was intended to …   Wikipedia

  • petroleum revenue tax — UK US noun [C] ► TAX, ECONOMICS, NATURAL RESOURCES a tax on petroleum in relation to its value: »Petroleum revenue tax has risen by over 60% …   Financial and business terms

  • petroleum revenue tax — PRT A tax on the profits from oil exploration and mining occurring under the authority of licences granted in accordance with the Petroleum (Production) Act (1934) or the Petroleum (Production) Act (Northern Ireland) (1964). This tax was the… …   Accounting dictionary

  • petroleum revenue tax — PRT A tax on the profits from oil and gas extraction in the UK first imposed in 1975. This tax was the principal means enabling the UK government to obtain a share in the profits made from oil in the North Sea. It has been abolished for oilfields …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • internal revenue tax — An exaction for the support of the federal government; a contribution imposed on individuals by the government for its services. Bailey v Drexel Furniture Co. 259 US 20, 66 L Ed 817, 42 S Ct 449, 21 ALR 1432. More narrowly defined as federal… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • internal revenue tax — noun : excise 1b, 1c, 1d …   Useful english dictionary

  • revenue — rev‧e‧nue [ˈrevnjuː ǁ nuː] noun [uncountable] 1. also revenues ACCOUNTING FINANCE money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services: • …   Financial and business terms

  • Tax system in China — Taxes provide the most important revenue source for the Government of the People s Republic of China. As the most important source of fiscal revenue, tax is a key economic player of macro economic regulation, and greatly affects China s economic… …   Wikipedia

  • revenue — rev·e·nue / re və ˌnü, ˌnyü/ n often attrib 1: the total income produced by a given source a property expected to yield a large annual revenue 2: the gross income returned by an investment 3: the yield of sources of income (as taxes) that a… …   Law dictionary

  • Tax protester statutory arguments — Part of the Taxation in the United States series Tax protest in the United States …   Wikipedia